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    The characteristics of beverage industry is high humidity in air, so it is very important that the printer can be used normally in a high humidity environment, ensuring that the equipment is not prone to rust in moist environment, which will affect the ink adhesion. Ink-jet printer of LEAD TECH uses stainless case and IP55 ratings cabinet which effectively protects electrical storage, ensuring that the ink jet printer can work in high humid environment effectively.

    Printing material: glass, plastic, tinplate, aluminum, PET , HDPE etc.

    Printing information: date of manufacturing, batch number, expiration date etc.

    Common printing character: 5x5 dot matrix, 5x7 dot matrix, 9x7 dot matrix

    Common ink color: black, red, blue, yellow

    Recommending model: LT1000S+Small character ink-jet printer, LT710+Small character ink-jet printer,